Electrify controller
Smart power consumption solutions since 2015.
New: support for smart Shelly wifi power modules / switches (up to 3.5 kW).
Support also for smart switches with Tashmoto firmware!
You can control your devices both via smart power switches and
with Raspberry GPIOs (relays / also stateless relays).

When buying a Raspberry hub solution, you only have to pay for the device once, no monthly rates.
In that case, only one device fetches spot prices and sends the data to all the interconnected smart devices (can control up to 100 devices).
A solution when smart power switches fetch spot prices comes at an annual price of EUR 17 per device.

Available configurations:
  • Raspberry Pi with Electrify configuration + Shelly wifi power modules (min 2 modules)
  • Only Raspberry Pi with Electrify configuration
  • SD card with pre-configured Raspberry Pi OS
  • Electrify base software only
  • Shelly Plus 1PM smart power module with Spot price monitoring (no need for Raspberry)
Ask for an offer: stiigo ättt stiigo.com
Electrify / Shelly 1/ Raspberry

People often ask if the device is capable of operating 400 V devices. Yes, it is: using a Shelly + contactor solution. It’s a smart power control system that switches your devices on and off according to electricity spot prices,
using the best prices for you.

For example: floor heating, boiler, convector, oil-filled radiator, water Tank heater, air-to-air heat pumps, etc.

The product allows you to considerably bring down your power bills, especially now that remote meters have made their way to many households. Microcomputer only needs wifi to read your user settings and fetch spot prices.

You can pre-set the price ranges in which your devices will operate.

For example, the floor heating in your entrance is switched on round the clock. If the spot prices are high, the power consumed is mirrored on your bank account.

Define the rule: D1–120 EUR/MWh.
The floor heating is switched on only when the spot price is in a reasonable range (below 120 EUR/MWh).
Also, you heat your boiler all day long. If the spot price suddenly rises to 400 EUR/MWh, you can "enjoy" a very expensive shower.

Define a rule for your Raspberry:D1–125 EUR/MWh.
If the spot price rises beyond the limit set (125 EUR/MWh), the boiler is switched off.

D means power at a daytime tariff, N power at night tariff. If you write just 1–85, this applies both to day and night. For example, a water tank was heated by wind power at night but often it was not sufficient.

If additional heating element were installed in the tank and the rules were defined that switched the device on when the price was reasonable, the result was heated floors and small electricity bills.

I strongly recommend using fully automated solution, where the Electrify system picks the best prices for you.
In that case, you define the rule only once and the device will control your appliances, with no further intervention needed.

Electrify base software (Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 / 4)

Download 30 day demo (ELF32 / ARM7):

Custom solutions for your software, price by agreement. Solutions also for 400 V devices.

Starting from April 2017, Electrify software also allows for sending price information to RS232 port (9600 baud).

You can buy 7-segment LED, displaying spot prices for you (currenlty out of stock).

Electricity Spot prices (EE): http://electrify.stiigo.com/

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